For Cordy

Our dear friend Cordelia, aka Cordy, is undergoing major surgery for her recent uterine cancer diagnosis. We know Cordy for her spunky personality, sudden song outbreaks, constant Friends references, and her never-ending desire to give back to multiple communities including her yearly efforts to raise for charities such as AFSP and St. Jude's. She’s a warrior, a survivor, and amazing support pillar to so many of us. Now is our chance to give back to her during her time of need.

For anyone who is willing and able, this store/merch is dedicated to directly contribute to her financial needs post-surgery, including medical bills, transportation, food, and living expenses while she is recovering and off work. At GoLiveMerch, we're huge on family, so all proceeds are going to Cordy. It's just one way we can love her back after all the love she continuously pours into the Sea of Thieves and Twitch communities. Cordy also has a GoFundMe setup as well!
Click Here to donate to the GoFundMe